Dai Yu Zhuan / Legend of Dai Yu, 2009

↑ I’m on the sistership! >///<

This drama was an adaption of the book Dream of the Red Chamber. It came out when I was raging because of the stupid 2010 version. I love the book Dream of the Red Chamber and the 1987 adaption so much. Anything that makes fun of them will craze me. I nearly had an heart attack watching 2010 version, and was too angry to sleep. I even swore that I would never watch any Dream of the Red Chamber adaption anymore! Yet I’ve gone back on my words… Sorry Laotse, sorry Buddha. 😛

Now I have an open mind(thanks to Three Kingdoms, 2010 ), so I decided to take this one out from the “cold palace” and try to find some strong points.XD

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Wang Zhao Jun, 1987

There are many dramas telling the story of Wang Zhao Jun but I never find one really attractive… This one had only 10 eps so can’t tell a long story. Quite boring in fact. (You can read the story of Wang Zhao Jun on wiki.)

In this drama the character of WZJ was very twisted. She was unwilling when forced to enter the palace. When having her picture drawn, she refused to bribe the painter. When the Emperor didn’t want her to be a consort because her picture was ugly, she started crying and it freaked me out since her face was all convulsed, half laughing half crying. When snubbed by the Emperor and bullied by other consorts, she acted really noble and decent as if she didn’t care for money or status. But when the Xiongnu tribe came to ask for a political marriage, she wrote a poem expressing her willingness to go there.

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Gou~Himetachi no Sengoku

^ Cutest creature! ❤

Below are all complaints. 😦

This was my first taiga drama. I was told that taiga dramas were very close to history! So you can imagine how disappointed I was while watching this. =.=

I found that Japan’s manners weren’t so strict. The princesses could meet male guests alone, even with bare feet. (I thought ladies shouldn’t have their skin seen.) How old were the princesses? I thought the eldest was definitely over 20 then. And still unmarried! The youngest princess Gou was the first to marry in the 3 of them. This is very inappropriate back then!

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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 64-66

I’ve got an explanation: Ling Rong loved ZH too much and wanted ZH to love her back. But ZH gave her affections to Mei Zhuang so Ling Rong wanted MZ to die. 😛

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Ooku series, 2003-2005

(I watched the drama with Chinese subs so I don’t know how to translate some proper nouns into English. The translation is all in my way, maybe wrong. If you find anything difficult to understand, just tell me.)

After finishing Legend of Zhen Huan I felt in emptiness. I’ve watched other Mainland China palace dramas, so I thought I’d watch some palace dramas from Korea and Japan. But after watching the Ooku series I felt LZH was all I needed… ↓The kimonos were pretty and the actresses were good, but I only wanted to shout: “WTF!!!” 

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