I’ve been listening to this OST for a while and still not tired of it! Really a nice CD.
I do agree that there could be some more musics for the drama. J-dramas have very good OST that C-dramas can’t compare. But I think BBJX and LZH are the good signs that C-drama music is getting up now. :P

My Drama Tea

I decided to put a Ling Rong picture for the featured image since she is the most talented singer out of all of the concubines!  In case you haven’t noticed, most of the songs from the Legend of Zhen Huan’s soundtrack that are available online are not that good quality, and it is kinda hard to find the songs with English titles.  Thankfully a kind soul uploaded the entire soundtrack in pretty good quality!

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Matrilineal Family / Nyokei kazoku, 2005

I always don’t like heroines of J-dramas. The heroine of this drama is a typical one.

She became the mistress of the hero when his wife was still alive, and later pregnant with his posthumous child, which I think is very immoral. If they are truly in love, if their love cannot be stained by money, they could get married AFTER he divorced his wife. He didn’t divorce. She never asked him to divorce. They just cheated until the poor wife died and until he inherited $8 million, one big company, several manors and a bunch of antiques upon her death. The heroine also said nothing when the hero left part of those to her upon his death.

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Rurôni Kenshin: Meiji kenkaku roman tan

To my surprise this Rurôni Kenshin movie is rather good! O_O I thought I would hate it since I was such a huge fan of Kenshin in childhood. Anyway I’ve got nothing to complain about this film except for the not-so-good action director and the bad acting of  Yu Aoi who seemed to lose all the shinning in her. Other actors and actresses are selected with caution, especially the hero Kenshin. Nice done, worth watching! I am eager to see a sequel!

Empresses In The Palace/Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan/后宫甄嬛传 [O][2011][China] — a great review by Funn Lim

ASTRO is showing Empresses In The Palace aka Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan aka 后宫甄嬛传 aka China really loves multiple titles so as to confuse everyone, the one where people wondered how come Yongzheng is so old when Nicky’s Yongzheng so hot when the actor said he is same age as Nicky!! Anyway I read the storyline, emphasising on the italic part;

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Another long and great review. It is very funny to see the author’s attitude changing through the review. At first when she started watching, she was like “Oh another palace drama. Why are there so many palace dramas and why do they sound so alike?!” When she kept on and got totally into it, she was like “I take back everything bad I said about this series except for the emperor’s performance!” (Yeah I guess she hated the emperor very very much.)

What’s even funnier was the “Most quoted line” she chose for each character. e.g. the empress’s was “You may rise.” and the empress dowager’s was “You may rise, and seat.” HAHAHAHAHA~~

Go and enjoy!

Kindaichi shônen no jikenbo

Just a warning:

DO NOT WATCH THE 2013 Kindaichi SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the one with Ryôsuke Yamada) DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! RUN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!![j挂了][j挂了][j挂了][j挂了][j挂了]

And the one with Jun Matsumoto, he  is too cute to be Kindaichi. This one is not very good, but not too bad compared to Ryôsuke Yamada! I love Youichi Takatou’s mother in the SP, she planned her revenge before her death. And it’s the murderer who killed himself, there’s no need to smear anyone else’s hands. Really smart.

Young Emperor Shunzhi

↑A LOT of pretty girls in this drama. 🙂

Well, actually I finished watching this drama about 2-3 months ago and felt like writing a review ever since that time. But as you see, the review is still nowhere.

When I just finished it, I was all “WTF is this SHIT!! WTF did these 2 bitches do!! WTF is this world!!! I HATE this world I’m gonna kill people!!!!!” So I thought: “well I can’t write a review like this. I could write one when I calm down.” But several months went by and when I’m thinking of this drama I still want to f**k this world!![怒][怒][怒]

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Just finished Jackie Chan’s new film CZ12 (OR Chinese Zodiac). Wasn’t planning to watch this kind of action movie until I heard it was about cultural relics lost overseas.

A very fluent movie, as if a work from the Hollywood production line — and this is no derogatory. Hollywood production line is pretty mature, whereas most Chinese movies are still not fluent in telling stories. Some supporting roles even disappear in the middle of a movie, making the story line incomplete. Although there’s nothing new in CZ12, but there’s surely something Chinese movie could learn from.

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An Emperor & His Consorts : The Legend Of Zhen Huan — one great review by junipersjournal

76 episodes of “The Legend Of Zhen Huan” over the course of the past few months. This is one super-long palace drama but I’ve enjoyed watching every single episode which is full of suspense and intrigue. The drama focuses on the concubines in Emperor Kangxi’s harem. 

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This is one great review of Legend of Zhen Huan. The blogger seems to be an expert in makeups, that’s why she can comment on the great making up of this drama in a professional way. Worth reading!