War & Beauty, Season I & II

Well, since War & Beauty II will soon be aired in April, I rewatched War & Beauty I and found it still good. There were several impressive roles and the plot was clever. The thing that I am upset now is that the clothing in the drama seems to be so wrong.

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Jin was very popular in 2009-2011. I decided to watch it because I heard it was very moving. But to tell the truth… it’s not a bad drama of course. However, like most other J-dramas, it was inspirational and touching, I mean too inspirational and touching. If I was 10 years younger, I might love it. But now I only feel so fake. 😦

Medical dramas are particularly popular in Japan. They are very nice, but sometimes too disgusting. I have to cover my computer to avoid bloody scene. XD

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Locations in Wuxia and Ancient Chinese series — by WuxiaEdge

Happy New Year! Here’s a little present for you, a location list for Wuxia/Ancient Series.

One of the most awesome, appealing things about Wuxia/Ancient Chinese Series is the beautiful and picturesque locations. Often, you see vast mountains and land, ancient buildings and houses that are so authentic – that leaves people wondering how on earth was that possible?

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The pics chosen are AMAZING! China IS beautiful!

Tribute to Varioius versions of Qiao Feng and A’zhu in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils — by JoleCole’s station

After digging into Wallace Chung’s latest adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, I became nostalgic of the older versions. Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is filled with a multitude of colorful characters and many story arcs. The story is a bit too complicated to summarize in a few words for those who aren’t familiar with this classic Louis Cha’s wuxia novel (Louis Cha is also known as Jin Yong 金庸). Like many others, I inadvertently learned a lot of my Song Dynasty foreign relations history from watching Louis Cha’s wuxia dramas. LOL.

— Check out the rest here.

WOW! I love Qiao Feng & A Zhu together so much! Especially the 2003 version. It broke my heart. Q_Q

Hwang Jin Yi, 2006 Drama + 2007 Movie

After The Painter of the Wind, 2008, Hwang Jin Yi, 2006 was my second Korean drama with “element of art”. Korea TV industry has lots of experience in this kind of drama. The script and way of filming are interesting, using a lot time to show people’s sympathetic response to art. 

^ e.g. This “crane dance”. Very beautifully filmed, making me feel the dancer’s body and soul is one. 

But I was soooooooo annoyed by traditional Korean music! It sounds like sawing. I’m not joke! It just literally sounds like sawing! My ears went deaf after a while, so I had to mute when music came… I just cannot catch up with this “elegant” aesthetics… [bed凌乱]

^ This is from the movie Hwang Jin Yi. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ Can’t help laughing!! 

Dong Yi

^ I think this is the prettiest. 🙂 

And there comes the “Qing ambassadors” episode again. =.= I don’t know why does every Korean period drama have to film this kind of episode. I feel that the Korean really don’t like Qing Dynasty. They often create a frivolous portrayal Qing ambassador. But every time a role wants to show off his treasure, he will say: “This is from Qing!”

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