Just finished Jackie Chan’s new film CZ12 (OR Chinese Zodiac). Wasn’t planning to watch this kind of action movie until I heard it was about cultural relics lost overseas.

A very fluent movie, as if a work from the Hollywood production line — and this is no derogatory. Hollywood production line is pretty mature, whereas most Chinese movies are still not fluent in telling stories. Some supporting roles even disappear in the middle of a movie, making the story line incomplete. Although there’s nothing new in CZ12, but there’s surely something Chinese movie could learn from.

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Painted Skin I, 2008

Vicki Zhao is old… T.T

Still pretty, but the shinning used to be in her eyes is forever gone… Zhou Xun got old too, but always lively. Their hair are beautiful~ The way Zhou Xun walks wearing Quju (曲裾) is elegant~ It was the cutest moment when Zhou Xun finally turned into a little white fox!! ><

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

↑Flying-fish-dress (飞鱼服) is so pretty~~><

Are the dresses in this movie real in history? The metal hats for soldiers look like Yuan Dynasty style. Yesa also orginated from Yuan.

Prefer Feng Lidao than Yu Huatian.

Now on Chris Lee & Zhou Xun ship. ^O^

Bad movie except for Chen Kun’s face and pretty Flying-fish-dress. ↓

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