Jin was very popular in 2009-2011. I decided to watch it because I heard it was very moving. But to tell the truth… it’s not a bad drama of course. However, like most other J-dramas, it was inspirational and touching, I mean too inspirational and touching. If I was 10 years younger, I might love it. But now I only feel so fake. 😦

Medical dramas are particularly popular in Japan. They are very nice, but sometimes too disgusting. I have to cover my computer to avoid bloody scene. XD

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Gou~Himetachi no Sengoku

^ Cutest creature! ❤

Below are all complaints. 😦

This was my first taiga drama. I was told that taiga dramas were very close to history! So you can imagine how disappointed I was while watching this. =.=

I found that Japan’s manners weren’t so strict. The princesses could meet male guests alone, even with bare feet. (I thought ladies shouldn’t have their skin seen.) How old were the princesses? I thought the eldest was definitely over 20 then. And still unmarried! The youngest princess Gou was the first to marry in the 3 of them. This is very inappropriate back then!

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Ooku series, 2003-2005

(I watched the drama with Chinese subs so I don’t know how to translate some proper nouns into English. The translation is all in my way, maybe wrong. If you find anything difficult to understand, just tell me.)

After finishing Legend of Zhen Huan I felt in emptiness. I’ve watched other Mainland China palace dramas, so I thought I’d watch some palace dramas from Korea and Japan. But after watching the Ooku series I felt LZH was all I needed… ↓The kimonos were pretty and the actresses were good, but I only wanted to shout: “WTF!!!” 

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Matrilineal Family / Nyokei kazoku, 2005

I always don’t like heroines of J-dramas. The heroine of this drama is a typical one.

She became the mistress of the hero when his wife was still alive, and later pregnant with his posthumous child, which I think is very immoral. If they are truly in love, if their love cannot be stained by money, they could get married AFTER he divorced his wife. He didn’t divorce. She never asked him to divorce. They just cheated until the poor wife died and until he inherited $8 million, one big company, several manors and a bunch of antiques upon her death. The heroine also said nothing when the hero left part of those to her upon his death.

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Kindaichi shônen no jikenbo

Just a warning:

DO NOT WATCH THE 2013 Kindaichi SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the one with Ryôsuke Yamada) DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! RUN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!![j挂了][j挂了][j挂了][j挂了][j挂了]

And the one with Jun Matsumoto, he  is too cute to be Kindaichi. This one is not very good, but not too bad compared to Ryôsuke Yamada! I love Youichi Takatou’s mother in the SP, she planned her revenge before her death. And it’s the murderer who killed himself, there’s no need to smear anyone else’s hands. Really smart.