Wild China, BBC+CCTV Documentary

Finally finished downloading the 720P Wild China, a total of 13G… The speed was slow, but it’s worth everything’s to see my most beautiful China. [泪] Good job my poor hard disk…

This documentary is good, but some parts are ridiculous. It says that the Han people built the Great Wall because of their fear of the Mongolians. The Great Wall was first built during the Warring States Period (476–221 BC), and had been rebuilt, lengthened and reinforced during 221 BC–AD 1644. The Mongolians were thought to originate in the middle of the 5th century, that was more than 600 hundred years after the Great Wall was first built. Also, it says hypocritically that Tibet has been a province of China for more than 50 years, which was not so easy to refute because this “China” means “PRC”. But in history Tibet had been a province of Chin since the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1271–1368). These are only 2 examples BBC used to disgust the Chinese. Thanks to the beauty of China that made me stay in front of the screen.

The part introducing ice sculptures in Haerbin is so adorable and lively! >_<

Wild China is actually a documentary of Chinese food… So much good food in the wild, I am starving!

The documentary says that the Chinese love game animals, but illegal hunting is banned by government, so merchants buy these animals from other countries, which caused the decrease of amount in certain countries… This is China fault?? hehe