Dai Yu Zhuan / Legend of Dai Yu, 2009

↑ I’m on the sistership! >///<

This drama was an adaption of the book Dream of the Red Chamber. It came out when I was raging because of the stupid 2010 version. I love the book Dream of the Red Chamber and the 1987 adaption so much. Anything that makes fun of them will craze me. I nearly had an heart attack watching 2010 version, and was too angry to sleep. I even swore that I would never watch any Dream of the Red Chamber adaption anymore! Yet I’ve gone back on my words… Sorry Laotse, sorry Buddha. 😛

Now I have an open mind(thanks to Three Kingdoms, 2010 ), so I decided to take this one out from the “cold palace” and try to find some strong points.XD

This drama is called Legend of Dai Yu rather than Dream of the Red Chamber, so my expectations were lower. Factual proofed me right. If you only see it as a love story rather than an adaption of a classic, you’ll find it not bad. 

^This was shot in the Da Guan Yuan(Grand View Garden). So pretty! If only they had such good video cameras in 1987! 

Just remember not to compare it with the original work. Too many branches of the story line were deleted. Only those relating heroine Lin Dai Yu were left. e.g. The story of You Er Jie & You San Jie were almost gone.

 ^ You San Jie looked like a swordswoman… = =|||

When the stills just came out, lots of people say that the clothing are rustic. I think they were ok, ^ although sometimes it seemed like they were in a Wuxia drama. Anyways the clothing, hairstyles and colors were way better than those in the 2010 version — no ladies or wives were dressed in black, and nor did they show their breasts and upper arms. The most unsatisfactory clothing was the loooooooooong sleeves of every dress. Dream of the Red Chamber is about everyday life of the higher class. So clothing should emphasize practicability. The most satisfactory was the absence of laces. There were lots of laces in the 2010 version. Lace was NEVER popular in China. But why were all the curtains made of laces?!!

Music was not bad. All music was written by Lin Hai. I love his piano very much. 🙂 However, BGM was playing ALL the time! 45min X 35eps!!!! I was almost deaf when finishing the drama! Shouldn’t BGM only been played when needed?? The key song of this drama was of course Lin Dai Yu’s poem Zang Hua Yin. Yet this song was not as satisfactory as I expected. 😦 Anyway Zang Hua Yin in the 2010 version was definitely worst of all! Sounded like a ghost yelling. So creepy!

80% of the poems in the book were gone. Poems are the best part of this book!

Some characters:

^ Left: the hero, Ma Tian Yu as Jia Bao Yu.

Ma Tian Yu’s got JBY’s stupidity, yet he didn’t have JBY’s smartness. He was better in the last few episodes as a man who had came down in the world.  ^ Looked like naive little boy Jia Bao Yu & scheming lady Lin Dai Yu. ╮(╯^╰)╭ 

^ The heroine: Min Chun Xiao as Lin Dai Yu. 

  • Why couldn’t Min Chun Xiao cry??? Did she just  not know how to cry?? In the book, LDY came to the mortal world to pay her tears back to JBY, so there should be lots of crying scenes for LDY. ^ But Min Chun Xiao hardly wept, she just made that crying face without any tears. 

  • She had a light and graceful figure. But her face wasn’t pretty enough, and I blame the dresser for it. ^ Did you see a LDY whose eyebrows thicker than JBY?? In the book, JBY gave LDY a style name “Pin Pin”, which described the way a lady beautifully frowned. And JBY once praised LDY, saying that her thin eyebrows were as if frowned. So LDY must had thin pretty eyebrows. Also, ↓ Min Chun Xiao was kinda drak skinned. Why didn’t the dresser whiten her skin!!! The pink lip gloss made it worse. 

^ Min Chun Xiao wasn’t ugly, but her face ALWAYS looked so dirty!

^ Deng Sha as Xue Bao Chai.

She was beautiful and elegant enough, but lacked some agility. The actress spoke her lines badly, it’s quite a misery to listen to her. The scriptwriter didn’t pay much attention on the role XBC, so the actress didn’t have a lot chances to express herself. 

^ Wang Xi Feng.

This actress was good, although her way of acting imitated Deng Jie from the 1987 adaption. WXF was a complicated character and couldn’t be performed well easily. 

^ Shi Xiang Yun.

Come on!! Can you tell was she a lady or a servant?!! Was this how a lady stood??

^ Anyway, although SXY wasn’t graceful enough, her skin was white enough, unlike LDY, who had tanned skin as if she had been doing physical work outdoor all day. ╮(╯_╰)╭

^ Tao Xi Ran as Jia Tan Chun.

This actress played An Ling Rong in Legend of Zhen Huan. Her face looked kinda stingy, wasn’t suitable for JTC. 

^ LDY in the upper pic & Xi Ren in the bottom pic.

Can you tell who’s the mistress and who’s the servant? I think servant Xi Ren was prettier and her clothes seemed better! Her expression looked more like a lady!

^ Grandmother Jia

She was also nice! Looked like a perfect benign granny. Grandmother Jia was soooooooo bad in the 2010 adaption. Like an old witch! I was afraid that she might bite LDY suddenly. 

^ Mrs. Wang.

She acted well!

^ Zhang Xue Ting as Xiang Ling.

I think she’s the prettiest girl in the drama! She’s so cute! Her eyes were pure and naivete. 

^ Sun Yi Zhou as Jia Yun.

This actor played the role Lyu Zi Qiao in the sitcom iPartment. So I can’t help laughing every time I saw his face. XDDDDDD

Li Wan: she was cute! Would be better if she had her hair all up. 

I don’t know who’s the dresser but could you make them look more ugly??!!! An ancient beauty is actually simple to paint.

  1. WHITE SKIN!!!!
  2. Pink cheeks.
  3. Red lips, PLZ no pink or purple or fleshcolored or any other weird colored lip gloss!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Small mouth.
  5. And pencilled eyebrows. LDY’s eyebrows looked like 2 fat centipedes in this drama.
  6. One’s hairstyle should match her status. When married, she should have her hair all up into a bun. No fringe allowed. A young lady can have some hair down into a braid, but she should never have her hair all fallen over her shoulders!! It is the most impolite and considered barbarians in ancient China.

Comparison between different versions: 

↓ Chapter 28 “Xue Bao Chai blushingly covers her musk-perfumed string of red beads”

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Such a HUGE hand chain!!! 😀 And Xue Bao Chai’s arms were so thin! In the book she was said to be plump girl! 

^ Same scene in the 1987 version. 

↓ Chapter 23. JBY & LDY read the book Xi Xiang Ji together. 

 ^ The move of video cameras were a imitation of the 1987 version. I guess they can’t figure out a better way. 🙂 Not the best and not the worst. Better than the 2010 version. At least the look in JBY’s eyes were pure, ↓ unlike the disgusting JBY in the 2010 version.

^ Upper 2010 version. Bottom 1987 version.


3 comments on “Dai Yu Zhuan / Legend of Dai Yu, 2009

  1. Wow I love all these pretty screenshots! I knew there was a 2010 version but I didn’t know about a 2009 version. *confused* I heard that the original is best, should I start out with that one? O_O Too many options to choose from!

    • If you haven’t read the book, start with the 2009 version. It tells the story more simply and clearly. 2010 version is kinda… creepy. Like watching a ghost movie. The original one is surely the best, but only for those who read the book well, or you won’t know what’s going on.

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