Pride & Prejudice, 1940

Another version of P&P. 

I really never expected the US to shoot the first P&P movie/drama. I guess the British were pretty angry when the movie came out. Just like how angry the Chinese were when the 2010 version of Dream of the Red Chamber came out. Or maybe less. 😛

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Pride & Prejudice, 1980 BBC

I am a BIG P&P fan. I love the book and the 1995 BBC mini series so much that I can’t tell how many times I’ve read and watched them. 😀

This 1980 BBC mini series was 80% good if Elizabeth did not show happiness after Mr. Darcy’s first proposal. Now it’s only 60%. After the first time Mr. Darcy proposed and left, Elisabeth was thinking sweetly: “But in love with me for so many months? So much in love as to wish to marry me? … It is incredible! And quite gratifying.” WTF is this??!!!! This is definitely not Elizabeth Bennet! 

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