Wang Zhao Jun, 1987

There are many dramas telling the story of Wang Zhao Jun but I never find one really attractive… This one had only 10 eps so can’t tell a long story. Quite boring in fact. (You can read the story of Wang Zhao Jun on wiki.)

In this drama the character of WZJ was very twisted. She was unwilling when forced to enter the palace. When having her picture drawn, she refused to bribe the painter. When the Emperor didn’t want her to be a consort because her picture was ugly, she started crying and it freaked me out since her face was all convulsed, half laughing half crying. When snubbed by the Emperor and bullied by other consorts, she acted really noble and decent as if she didn’t care for money or status. But when the Xiongnu tribe came to ask for a political marriage, she wrote a poem expressing her willingness to go there.

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Gou~Himetachi no Sengoku

^ Cutest creature! ❤

Below are all complaints. 😦

This was my first taiga drama. I was told that taiga dramas were very close to history! So you can imagine how disappointed I was while watching this. =.=

I found that Japan’s manners weren’t so strict. The princesses could meet male guests alone, even with bare feet. (I thought ladies shouldn’t have their skin seen.) How old were the princesses? I thought the eldest was definitely over 20 then. And still unmarried! The youngest princess Gou was the first to marry in the 3 of them. This is very inappropriate back then!

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The Legend of Zhen Huan: Eps 64-66

I’ve got an explanation: Ling Rong loved ZH too much and wanted ZH to love her back. But ZH gave her affections to Mei Zhuang so Ling Rong wanted MZ to die. 😛

My Drama Tea

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Ooku series, 2003-2005

(I watched the drama with Chinese subs so I don’t know how to translate some proper nouns into English. The translation is all in my way, maybe wrong. If you find anything difficult to understand, just tell me.)

After finishing Legend of Zhen Huan I felt in emptiness. I’ve watched other Mainland China palace dramas, so I thought I’d watch some palace dramas from Korea and Japan. But after watching the Ooku series I felt LZH was all I needed… ↓The kimonos were pretty and the actresses were good, but I only wanted to shout: “WTF!!!” 

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Jane Eyre, 2006 BBC

It is said the heroine was a newcomer. She kinda look weird(which is OK ’cause you don’t need to look pretty to be Jane Eyre), but acted really good. The hero was sooooo cute! I wanna bite him. 😛 The part that Mr. Rochester proposed was great! I cried. T_T

The whole drama was in a dark atmosphere. I can hardly see anything. I haven’t watched Wuthering Heights yet but I guess it’s going to be darker than Jane Eyre. @@

As a kid I loved Jane Eyre better than Pride & Prejudice. Didn’t remember from what time did I start to prefer Pride & Prejudice more. Maybe because Jane Eyre was filled with challenges to the world while Pride & Prejudice was filled with compromises. Sad but true. 

The link above is very nice! I love the amber nail guard most~~
Actually Qing Dynasty ladies do wear long nails on the 4th & 5th fingers. Sometimes as long as 2 inches. So nail guards are pretty useful.

My Drama Tea

I am always curious about the beautiful jewelry and fashion that are in the ancient Chinese dramas.  The Legend of Zhen Huan is full of beautiful details, and the fingernail guards are no exception! 

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BU BU JING XIN/SCARLET HEART — reviews by and koala’s playground

Some BBJX reviews that I haven’t read yet. Rewatched BBJX recently. I don’t really like the love parts, but I do enjoy cute boys and pretty costumes! 😛

Bu Bu Jing Xin [O][2011][TV/China]


Also found a lot recaps by koala’s playground. How can I not read them?

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Box Office Buzz

downton-abbey-season-3-premiere-mary-matthew-weddingDownton Abbey and the Crawley family may have weathered the turmoil and tragedy of the first world war, but they have not escaped unscathed. Society is changing — slowly but inevitably — and the privilege and prestige once enjoyed by the upper class is gradually starting to erode. It is the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, and the British aristocracy’s lifestyle of lavish parties, servants, and finery may be coming to an end.

The third season of the popular British TV series promises to bring plenty of challenges for the characters that viewers on both sides of the “pond” have fallen in love with. The series follows the rich Earl and Countess of Grantham (Robert and Cora Crawley) and their daughters (Mary, Edith, and Sybil), who occupy an elaborate estate in England called Downton Abbey. The show highlights both the “upstairs” and “downstairs” residents of the abbey, incorporating storylines about…

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