War & Beauty, Season I & II

Well, since War & Beauty II will soon be aired in April, I rewatched War & Beauty I and found it still good. There were several impressive roles and the plot was clever. The thing that I am upset now is that the clothing in the drama seems to be so wrong.

^ This kind of half sleeve didn’t exist in Qing Dynasty harem after Emperor Qianlong.

^ These 2 hair styles didn’t exist in Qing Dynasty harem after Emperor Qianlong, too. They would be soooooo dead with these styles…

^ OMG these Long Hua(on their necks) really looked like ties… Couldn’t you tie them more beautifully??

^ Learn how to wear a Long Hua beautifully from Hua Fei in Legend of Zhen Huan! 😀

^ Alright the costumes were better than 90% of HK dramas. But there were some funny  ones. Like this one above. 

^ The winter costumes were waaaaaaaaaaaaay better! Look at those fluffy scarf and cape! (Click to see bigger pics, they are amazing!) 

^ One more funny pic named “you need to compare to find out the real beauty”.

And now I am very looking forward to War & Beauty II. Although I don’t think it’s gonna be good. =”=

^ Look at the strange fringe!


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