Jin was very popular in 2009-2011. I decided to watch it because I heard it was very moving. But to tell the truth… it’s not a bad drama of course. However, like most other J-dramas, it was inspirational and touching, I mean too inspirational and touching. If I was 10 years younger, I might love it. But now I only feel so fake. 😦

Medical dramas are particularly popular in Japan. They are very nice, but sometimes too disgusting. I have to cover my computer to avoid bloody scene. XD

^ Nakatani Miki as Nokaze was very welcomed, way better than the heroine Tachibana Saki (Ayase Haruka).

But I don’t like her kind of girls. They always pretend to be strong with tears in eyes. I like girls who cry when they’re sad and laugh when they’re happy. 

Hero Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) was a bit annoying. He was just tangled in women, and couldn’t decide with one to be with. 😦

The best part of the drama was definitely music!!! I was sooooo moved by the music rather than the story! 


3 comments on “Jin

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  2. I watched this back when it was airing and I remember liking it a lot. But I haven’t watched it since so I’m not sure how my view of it would change now. I think the first season was much better than the second one.

    Regardless of the plot though, you are right, the soundtrack is amazing. I still listen to some of the songs from JIN to this day!

  3. First season definitely better than the second. I love the soundtracks, they always make me cry when I think of scenes in the drama. I thought the plot may sound not as interesting but the execution was good.

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