Dong Yi

^ I think this is the prettiest. 🙂 

And there comes the “Qing ambassadors” episode again. =.= I don’t know why does every Korean period drama have to film this kind of episode. I feel that the Korean really don’t like Qing Dynasty. They often create a frivolous portrayal Qing ambassador. But every time a role wants to show off his treasure, he will say: “This is from Qing!”

^ Thank god the clothing is OK this time. *relief*

^ Kim Yoo Jung as child Dong Yi was soooooo cute!!!!! I love her! I wanna bite her right in the face! ❤❤❤

But I guess she’s gonna do plastic surgery quite soon having that round face… So sad. T_T She’s been in so many popular dramas: The Painter of the Wind, 2008Dong Yi, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and maybe Rooftop Prince? (Can’t recognize Korean actresses… =.=) I think she’s much better than the heroine in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Korean dramas always tell childhood stories of the heroines. So there are always many child stars on the screen. 

And again I wanna complain the scrannel traditional Korean music!!!


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