The Painter of the Wind, 2008

I have trouble recognizing Korean actors/resses… Moon Geun Young was one of the few that I can tell from those who did too many plastic surgeries. 😀 Moon Geun Young showed great acting skills in The Painter of the Wind, 2008. This is the first Korean drama that I like, though Korean dramas are popular around world. I haven’t watched a lot Korean period dramas, but from those I’ve watched, I can tell that the plot will be no more than “you love me but I love him”, “you loved my mother but she loved his father” and “all princes want to be king”. =.,=

The heroine (or hero?) Shin Yoon Bok was a painter. I loved the part that she seriously observed everyday life of the ordinary people before painting. ^ Especially this kind of painting style. Love them! ❤❤  I can see that the group payed a lot of effort. e.g. Shin Yoon Bok painted many paints in the drama. In comparison, in Yu Zheng’s Gong II, the Empress was once waving a piece of A4 paper with a printed character on it and it was in a computer font. =.,= PLZ Yu Zheng, learn from them!!!

Shin Yoon Bok was kinda a “Miss Popular” in the drama. Men loved her. Women loved her too. 😀 Moon Geun Young looked like a real boy. I don’t know why did she have to love the hero. ^ Because I like she and the supporting actress Jeong Hyang together! XDDDDD Jeong Hyang has a cute round face, very lovely. But her clothes are not so lovely… 

Music was very nice! 

^ I know that the Korean don’t like Qing Dynasty, but they don’t have to make the Qing dynasty officials so disgusting… The clothing is sooooooo wrong!

^ It’s funny to wear a apron outside the Korean dress. Probably because the two have different belt lines. 

A lot of nonsense. 😛 I only wanted to say, ^ this painting style was soooooooooooo cute!! 


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