Wang Zhao Jun, 1987

There are many dramas telling the story of Wang Zhao Jun but I never find one really attractive… This one had only 10 eps so can’t tell a long story. Quite boring in fact. (You can read the story of Wang Zhao Jun on wiki.)

In this drama the character of WZJ was very twisted. She was unwilling when forced to enter the palace. When having her picture drawn, she refused to bribe the painter. When the Emperor didn’t want her to be a consort because her picture was ugly, she started crying and it freaked me out since her face was all convulsed, half laughing half crying. When snubbed by the Emperor and bullied by other consorts, she acted really noble and decent as if she didn’t care for money or status. But when the Xiongnu tribe came to ask for a political marriage, she wrote a poem expressing her willingness to go there.

The whole drama made people feel that WZJ didn’t have her heart in right place. She tried to be crafty but was limited by her low IQ. = =||

^ As the drama came out in 1987, most of the scenes were shot indoor. The mountains and sky on the background were so fake and the palace was crude and simple. Music was nice.

^ The actress of WZJ was round faced and had a good set of features. I think she would act a good Empress but not WZJ! In history, WZJ must had a fortitude character to accomplish such an important mission. Like the other versions, this drama didn’t tell the story after Chanyu (WZJ’s husband, chief of the Xiongnu tribe) died — WZJ was forced to marry the new Chanyu (former Chanyu’s son, WZJ’s nominal son, this is a bad custom in Xiongnu).

^Through her life she never had a chance to come back to China her hometown. Very sad fate for a woman. 

Anyways the ↓clothing and ↑hair style was closest to history! A must watch for ancient Chinese costume lovers.


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