Gou~Himetachi no Sengoku

^ Cutest creature! ❤

Below are all complaints. 😦

This was my first taiga drama. I was told that taiga dramas were very close to history! So you can imagine how disappointed I was while watching this. =.=

I found that Japan’s manners weren’t so strict. The princesses could meet male guests alone, even with bare feet. (I thought ladies shouldn’t have their skin seen.) How old were the princesses? I thought the eldest was definitely over 20 then. And still unmarried! The youngest princess Gou was the first to marry in the 3 of them. This is very inappropriate back then!

^ Kimonos are so thick for the upper part of the body, but the lower part of the legs are all exposed to air. 

But why didn’t they were socks? Didn’t they feel cold? Pretty weird. They even stepped on snow with bare feet. Very unhealthy habit. 

I think when propagating Chinese clothing, other ethnic groups happened to shorten the length of dress and sleeves at the same time. In Chinese clothing system, sleeves should cover hands and dress should cover feet. But in Korea, Japan, Manchu and Vietnam, dresses didn’t cover hands and feet. (Korean dramas tend to lengthen the dresses.)

^ Even though there were no male in the house, no ladies would run in underwears!!!

Later a man intruded ladies’ dressing room without announcing. =.= 

^ I saw they grinding ink like this in Korean dramas, too. But the ink stick will become a polygon this way. 

^ The princesses’ stepfather brought some “precious food” for them and the food surprised them so much!

Was it too dramatic or was Japan really so poor back in the days?[疑问][疑问]

The heroine Princess Gou was also annoying. Every time she got married(every time>=3), she loved her husband so deeply. But every time when her husband died, she forgot about him immediately and got married again. =.= 


3 comments on “Gou~Himetachi no Sengoku

  1. I had so much expectation since ueno juri is in it but she could do nothing much in the later parts of the drama. She kinda lost the spunk she had in her earlier years. Even her two sisters had more to do in plot development. All Gou did was marry three men. I think the drama just lost aim along the way. And the history couldn’t be told more interestingly. I like the parts when Nobunaga was still alive though.

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