Pride & Prejudice, 1980 BBC

I am a BIG P&P fan. I love the book and the 1995 BBC mini series so much that I can’t tell how many times I’ve read and watched them. 😀

This 1980 BBC mini series was 80% good if Elizabeth did not show happiness after Mr. Darcy’s first proposal. Now it’s only 60%. After the first time Mr. Darcy proposed and left, Elisabeth was thinking sweetly: “But in love with me for so many months? So much in love as to wish to marry me? … It is incredible! And quite gratifying.” WTF is this??!!!! This is definitely not Elizabeth Bennet! 

^Elisabeth was not the kind of pretty girl, but this is a nice shot. She was too skinny to be a well-born lady.

As for acting(I don’t know the names of those actors, so I use names of their roles in the drama):

  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh was better than the 1995 version. I love the part that Elisabeth met Lady Catherine de Bourgh for the first time and was shocking seeing her blablabla for the whole time. 🙂
  • Mr. Bennet was not bad, so were Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Darcy. But Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Darcy were TOO good in the 1995 version. What a pity. 
  • Elisabeth, Lydia and Mr. Collins couldn’t compare to the 1995 version. After Mr. Darcy said that famous “not handsome enough to tempt me”, Elisabeth’s acting was pretty weird. She was acting as if she’s telling on Mr. Darcy to her mother, no jeering at all. Then where did Mr. Darcy’s feelings for Elisabeth came from? Elisabeth also spoke her lines too badly. Her tone rose or fell at some strange places. Most importantly, Elisabeth Bennet had a smart mouth, but here she never won any mouth battle.
  • Mr. Wickham was disgusting. Although he wasn’t handsome in any P&P version, this one was surely the most disgusting of all! 
  • Jane was the worst of all — she was nothing like an elegant lady, so frivolous! 

I have a lot to complain about the scriptwriter. He didn’t change the plot a lot, yet he did change some trivial parts. I don’t know why! e.g. the proposal part mentioned above. The changed part was not necessary at all! It even contradicted the character of the role. For another example, Kitty once even flirted with Mr. Bingley! Oh god…

Above are the shortcomings of the drama. The good point of it was the dresses! Dresses of the 1995 version were pretty, but not so gorgeous as the 1980 version! ^I love the green dress of Miss Catherine de Bourgh most of all! 

And the parasols! So cute and elegant for a lady to hold a parasol! What a pity they didn’t appear in the 1995 version. 

1995 version had a lot of scenes shot outdoor. Yet 1980 version stayed indoor for most time. Too bad not to shoot the beauty of England enough. 


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