Matrilineal Family / Nyokei kazoku, 2005

I always don’t like heroines of J-dramas. The heroine of this drama is a typical one.

She became the mistress of the hero when his wife was still alive, and later pregnant with his posthumous child, which I think is very immoral. If they are truly in love, if their love cannot be stained by money, they could get married AFTER he divorced his wife. He didn’t divorce. She never asked him to divorce. They just cheated until the poor wife died and until he inherited $8 million, one big company, several manors and a bunch of antiques upon her death. The heroine also said nothing when the hero left part of those to her upon his death.

Sorry but in my opinion, the heroine only wanted the money.

Of course, the 3 daughters of the hero didn’t want to give money to the heroine. They bullied her in different ways, trying to persuade her into abortion. The heroine was all “I’m so pathetic why are you doing this to me?” as if she forgot all about the being-mistress-of-their-father thing. She could totally disclaims inheritance if she had any conscience. But yet she never did that.

OK, at last she won. She not only got the money, but also got part of the company for her son. This is why I always hate J-drama heroines. They all look pitiful. Always bullied. But do they ever ask themselves, do they ever tell you, why do other people bully them? Em? No, they don’t. They just keep doing not-criminal-but-awful-and-disgusting-things and keep looking innocent.

I’ve watched a lot of J-dramas since a kid. Most J-drama heroines are like this. When growing up, I keep asking myself: do I have bad values or do they?? I’ve got no doubt today after years of thinking. I even doubt the values of the whole Japanese society — why do they feel pity for such women?!

Another kind of J-drama heroines are even worse. They are nice — too nice that they’re even willing to forgive murderers. What a goddess! Have you ever asked the victims if they would like to forgive? Today, the Japanese are this nice in real life. They claim that the convicted WW2 criminals are pitiful and should be forgiven. Wait a minute! Ask the Asian victims first!

I love C-drama heroines much much more. e.g. Zhen Huan who avenged to all people who hurt her. 😀

I should say something about this hero. Every Jack has his Gill. Such disgusting men is perfect for such disgusting woman.

In the hero’s opinion, he was a victim of his uxorilocal marriage. He married into his wife’s matrilineal family because of money, and had no status in front of his wife, daughters and mother-in-law. But in my opinion, the story was the following: Nobody forced him to marry into her family. He did that for her money. After he enjoyed 30 years of luxurious life, he found that his wife only gave him money and there was no feelings between them. So he had an affair while she was sick in bed for the last years of her life. The nice woman never doubted her husband. She left ALL money to him. And he gave 1/4 of them to his mistress and the bastard(word nice made!). WOW~ Now he claimed he was the victim! Nice story!

I chose to watch this drama because of the title Matrilineal Family. I wanted to see how a country full of male chauvinism like Japan could show feminism. The result is disappointing. The drama is not at all about feminism — it shows great male chauvinism!!

The family was matrilineal for generations since it lives on selling kimono. Males of the family only do the job of giving out sperms — just like what women did in past days. Power and property were passed from mother to daughter. Sometimes when head of the family cannot manage business well, male can participate in it as long as money still belongs to the females. This is why the hero thought himself pitiful and wanted to avenge. His way of avenge is to change the family from matrilineal to patrilineal — in his will he gave the company to male descendants and said property of this family now went from male to male. Ops! His illegitimate child happened to be a boy! What a coincidence!

I could not believe the original novel was written by a female. This drama is totally blaming matriline for every so-called “tragedy”. What’s ironic is that the author Yamazaki Toyoko’s solution was patriline or male chauvinism.

I was so angry at this drama that I stopped watching J-dramas for about 2 months. It really made me sick. The sicker thing is that I wrote this long a review for it! [生病][生病][生病]

Despite all those above, the kimono are nice. Although not a period drama, you can still enjoy pretty kimono and Japanese garden. There is also a movie version shot in 1963. 


4 comments on “Matrilineal Family / Nyokei kazoku, 2005

  1. Overall I am frustrated with jdrama’s tendency to have these kinds of heroines:

    1) The faithful housewives that only live for their husbands
    2) Plucky heroines that are always the embodiment of goodness and kindness and make every single guy fall for them.
    3) The annoying rich ones.

      • Yeah I guess a #4 would be the “pitiful” heroines.

        #1 annoys me because a lot of jdramas prize the heroines who are perfect at cooking, housework, and pleasing their husbands. T_T

    • Maybe in Japan women don’t work much. So their goal of life leaves only their families. Usually they tolerate their husband’s affairs because if divorced they can’t even support their own livings. It’s so sad.
      And the dramas are praising this kind of behavior. Too bad.

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