Young Emperor Shunzhi

↑A LOT of pretty girls in this drama. 🙂

Well, actually I finished watching this drama about 2-3 months ago and felt like writing a review ever since that time. But as you see, the review is still nowhere.

When I just finished it, I was all “WTF is this SHIT!! WTF did these 2 bitches do!! WTF is this world!!! I HATE this world I’m gonna kill people!!!!!” So I thought: “well I can’t write a review like this. I could write one when I calm down.” But several months went by and when I’m thinking of this drama I still want to f**k this world!![怒][怒][怒]

↑ I love Hao Lei as Jing Fei so much. T_T

I’m not saying this drama sucks. Quite on the contrary, this is a very very nice one, and I would definitely vote “Best Drama of the Year” for it. The greatness of the drama is the thing that makes the hero & heroine look even worse. 

The hero(Emperor Shunzhi) & heroine(Consort Donggo) are truly bitches and yes I mean it seriously! Even in real history can’t I find any goodness in these 2 persons. And they were the only bitches in this drama. The tragedy of all other people were resulted from their childish behavior and irresponsibility. Meanwhile they had absolutely no shame on that and always thought themselves as the victims.The hero & heroine also thought that everyone else should dedicate his life to make their life perfect. 

Sooooooo many people died of them. I HATE these 2 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[pause for anger]

↓Anyways I got my new avatar! XDDDDD Emperor Shunzhi was played by Sun Li’s husband Deng Chao. The couple do act well both!

I think the author and the director only blame Dorgon for the Yangzhou and Jiading massacre. But Emperor Shunzhi and Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang definitely SHOULD take responsibility for them!!!


3 comments on “Young Emperor Shunzhi

  1. Seriously you know of so many C-dramas that I haven’t even heard of O_O

    It sounds to me that the two main character are not redeemable, not sure if I could stand that. T_T

    • That’s because no one wants to translate this kind of historical drama. Oh, except for the Three Kingdoms. I think historical dramas are the best of C-dramas. What a pity. 😦

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