Just finished Jackie Chan’s new film CZ12 (OR Chinese Zodiac). Wasn’t planning to watch this kind of action movie until I heard it was about cultural relics lost overseas.

A very fluent movie, as if a work from the Hollywood production line — and this is no derogatory. Hollywood production line is pretty mature, whereas most Chinese movies are still not fluent in telling stories. Some supporting roles even disappear in the middle of a movie, making the story line incomplete. Although there’s nothing new in CZ12, but there’s surely something Chinese movie could learn from.

Also a patriotic movie. Too many Chinese films talking about “BIG problems of the country”, but few directors realize people DO NOT want to know the big problems, they just want to have fun in the theater during new year. CZ12 also satirizes the British and the French who destroyed and stole the cultural relics most: “You’re speaking Chinese to a FRENCH DOG??” This made my day! 😀

The heroin Ms. Long-and-Pretty-Legs fights well! She and the French girl do make a nice couple. 😛 Some high-tech machines are impressive, especially the 3D printer! 

I don’t think this film can be aired in France. XDDDDDD But I do hope that I can watch a 3D version in the US. Americans will pay to see Jackie Chan won’t they?


5 comments on “CZ12

  1. I really loved this movie, especially the mixed languages in it. Makes me want more movies in the same style. Also, The fighting scenes are really good (like all jackie’s movies) and it was really funny at times.

    And like you mentioned, that 3d printer was so cool!!

    and btw, your blog is very awesome!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! This movie is so funny even when I watch it for the second time.
      I notice that you’ve watched a lot of Wuxia dramas. So cool! Which one do you like most? I love Zhang Ji Zhong’s Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils & Legend of Condor Heroes very much!

  2. You watched it a second time? I did also!
    yes, I have watched a lot of wuxia dramas and my all time favorite is the Return of the Condor Heroes. It is really the best of the best for me.
    I do know the series you are talking about and I’m hearing from everybody that they are good but I haven’t watched them jet. But I will watch them in the very near future!!

    I really love that you combine Chinese and British drama’s on one blog!!
    I’m a big fan of everything Charles Dicken’s and British costume dramas in general!

    What’s your favorite British costume drama?

    • I prefer the older version of Return of the Condor Heroes more. I think Zhang Ji Zhong’s version is not the best one. Among all Wuxia books I love this one most! The love story is so moving~~
      I haven’t watched any Charles Dicken’s drama. Do you recommend any? I only read some of his books when I was little. My favorite British costume drama so far was Jane Austin’s. 😀

  3. Really?! Then I must watch the older version also!! Yes, I totally agree it’s very moving, it got me into the genre of wuxia. I absolutely love it….
    but wait.. you read the book? I have this english translated version that I want to read but I didn’t find the time… did you read it in English or in Chinese?

    Oh yes!!! I do reccomend the BBC series “Bleak House” and “Little dorrit”. It has been a while since I’ve seen them (I’m really into wuxia now) but they are fenomenal!
    Jane austen! And which one of austen’s series?

    I really like the Pride and Prejudice movie. One of my favorite non asian movies.. 🙂

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