The Bride with White Hair, 2012 (dropped)

Another Nicky Wu drama!!! >///<

I have to admit that I wasn’t planning to watch this drama ’cause I thought it would be a really bad one. Look at these film stills!!

^ This one’s like: Oh I’m an incredible ugly women who’s trying to look angry!

^ This one’s like: I must be blind to wear this ugly shit!

But in the show they’re like this:

Pretty normal aren’t they? That’s why I changed my mind and started watching this show.

I think EP01-02 was not bad except for the animation effects. The animation effects at the beginning was bad enough to compare to the fake lotus lake in Bu Bu Jing Xin.  Definitely one of the fakest animation effects I’ve seen in years — except for Xuan Yuan Sword of course.

But I guess the story was ok and easy to understand. Another nice thing is that Nicky Wu and Ma Su kissed TWICE in the first two eps! This is really going fast isn’t it? XD

Anyway I was going to say I love Nicky Wu’s dubber!! His name is Shen Lei and he’s also the one who dubbed Nicky Wu in Bu Bu Jing Xin. This voice sounds sooooo loving! >///< Remind me of 4th prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin.

The Flying-fish-dress (飞鱼服) for Dongchang (东厂) is petty~❤

Another sweet kiss yesterday! >3< The story is going much faster than I thought. Nichy Wu IS cute. Ma Su is not ugly, but she’s got a loooong nose and a smaaaaaall mouth which make her look weird. Louis Fan is cute too. I thought I might be on Louis Fan & Nichy Wu ship but I’m not. There’s not a lot of ships to get on though. 😦


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